Thank you for visiting the website of 28 Days to Success. You will have noticed that this isn’t designed to be a pretty website. Nor is it designed to sell you anything.

The chances are that you are here because someone has refered you to this site as a source of information that will help you in building, and succeeding with, an Internet Marketing business. This is a reference site for ‘newbie’ marketers and features links to products that may be of use to you. I have specifically not included links to ‘free’ information that you can find by Googling the net - because you can do that yourself!

You will also note that I'm not asking you for your name or email so that I can come back to you and sell you something later.

What you have here is a small set of links to products that I can recommend to you as purchases that will help you get a quick start in building an Internet Marketing business. None of these products are mine. They all come with a money back guarantee. My purpose here is to help you get educated and making money quickly and not to see you ripped off by so called ‘gurus’. And, of course, if you don’t want to get any of these you can simply close this window. You should also be aware that I may receive payment for referring you to these products but at the prices charged you will see that the amounts involved are very small and serve only to keep this site up and running.

I assume that you have little to no knowledge of selling on the Internet. Therefore, these products are designed to work from that position. The one thing I haven’t included is any kind of website building information. You may be a technical genius - or you may be a complete novice - but at some point you will probably need to know about creating and publishing a website. But, at least some of this stuff doesn’t even require that. By the way, all links simply point you to the sales website of the item.

First recommendation is One Month Magnate. This is an ebook written by one of the UK’s top internet marketers. It will take you through a method of starting an Internet business from scratch and show you how to produce results within a month. It was the inspiration behind calling this website 28 days to success. Why? Because I’ve tried the methodology and it works and also because it shows you how to generate a good positive income in simple steps. The guy who wrote this made $4,000 in his first month. So, No 1 on the list is One Month Magnate.

Number two, by the same author as the first together with another well respected marketer, is called Licensed to Quit. This requires slightly more ‘knowledge’ than the previous recommendation. However, part of this ebook is presented as an easy to follow ‘template’ for creating a product and selling it. What will surprise you is how the product is sold. Basically, they walk you through a process which they repeat again and again to make $1,000 a time. Following this method will enable any internet marketing ‘newbie’ to be Licensed to Quit his job!

The third offering is really for when you have a product that you wish to sell. It’s called SalesLetterABC and it’s written by a guy called Randy Smith who, despite his name, is English. It offers a 10 step template solution to you for the easy creation of sales letters. Many people will tell you that you need a copywriting course to write sales letters. That’s not true. A copywriter’s job is to write advertisements - not sales letters. But, if you try and sell on the net you will almost certainly need to write an effective sales letter. So, when you are ready for it, have a look at SalesLetterABC.

And, finally, the fact is that the best product, bar none, that you can create to sell is an ebook. So, let me direct you to the website of the Ebook Dominator. This is a great product which does exactly what it says on the tin - and then over delivers. If you don’t know how to create a product this will teach you what you need to know. And it will show you how to create an ebook that will absolutely dominate the market. So, have a look at the webpage at Ebook Dominator and then get your product out there!.


If you really need your hand holding and want to be taken through the whole business of internet marketing from scratch then I do have one other recommendation. The guys that wrote the first two offerings above have developed what they call the KickStart Course. This is a course that is delivered to you in weekly chunks from the finest mentors in the internet marketing business. It’s available on a monthly subscription - giving you around 4 lessons per month - and it’s fantastic value for money. Not only that, if you follow the course you should be taking orders within the first few weeks, so it could pay for itself in the first month!

But, as a marketing incentive they are offering a FREE report: "Quit Your Job in 90 Days". I thoroughly recommend that you treat yourself to a copy. Sure, you'll get some marketing stuff about the KickStart course - and that's worth a good hard look - but the report is FREE! Click here for a copy.

I hope this has all been of some use.

Best Regards,